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Ignition to Inferno: Fire Prevention

1/6/2020 (Permalink)

Fire damages are some of the most destructive and complicated causes of property loss. From the fire itself, to the toxic fumes it releases, the clean up can be extensive and time consuming. Always take the proper steps to avoid property loss from fire. Having a comprehensive and detailed plan of action constructed before disaster strikes allows all involved to know the proper steps to take. Having smoke detectors located on a path to a safe exit are crucial. Smoke may obscure your vision and you may need to rely solely on the sound of the alarm to find a safe way out. Conducting routine fire drills better prepares those located in a business setting the proper procedure to follow. Using fire retardant materials on the interior of your building also helps prevent further damages. Be sure to have these simple steps in place to make recovery a less stressful event. 

A Storm on the Horizon

1/6/2020 (Permalink)

Strong storm cells can come unexpectedly and pack a punch if you are not prepared. Lightning alone is responsible for multiple disastrous results. Heavy rains can also be responsible for property loss from the exterior to the interior. It is always in good taste to have preventative measures in place long before those dark clouds roll through. Having a comprehensive plan in place (where to go and what to do) will ensure all members of your family or employees have the same information to follow. Having a safe room, preferably below ground with no windows is ideal. If not available, have a designated room in the center most area of the complex to be provided for shelter. Remain away from all windows or locations that have glass. SERVPRO has the equipment and the expertise to assist you through the restoration process to get you back on your feet faster.  

Commercial Loss

1/2/2020 (Permalink)

When owning a business, any number of things could occur. Simple issues could result in huge losses. Preventing all unfortunate circumstances from happening might not be plausible, but basic preventative steps could mean the difference between success and stress. In colder months, be sure to regulate the temperature in all spaces of your commercial building, inside and out. Pipes exposed to freezing temperatures have the possibility of rupturing, leading to multiple types of repairs being needed. Be sure to inspect and maintain duct work to prevent the build up of foreign materials that could result in a fire. Always be sure to keep staff fully trained in emergency protocols and have detailed information available as to what steps should be taken in the event of property loss. These simple steps could save you time and money.  

Maintaining Your Commercial Space

12/3/2019 (Permalink)

A long row of pipes and spigots with connective tubing over a drain  A long row of pipes and spigots with connective tubing over a drain on the floor where a leak had begun

As any business owner can tell you, minor problems can become catastrophic if left unattended. A small water leak can cause thousands in damages. It is vital to have problems addressed when they arise to avoid further issues and a bigger price tag. Water loss can come in many forms and not all are covered by insurance policies. If neglect was the main cause of water damages to your property, you will be left with the responsibility of covering the costs. Leaking pipes left unnoticed can cause extensive harm to the surrounding areas. Be sure to keep your pipes well maintained and stay alert for any signs of cracks or leaks, especially in the colder months. The roof of your space should be taken into consideration as well. Even newer commercial buildings can see damages occur from extreme weather. Heavy snows or ice storms run the risk of putting added weight and stress on a structure. Keeping these pieces of information in ,mind can save you time, effort and money.   

Hazardous Materials Cleanup

11/19/2019 (Permalink)

Red Bio-Hazard sign Red Bio hazardous sign

Most commercial buildings house multiple items that can be considered hazardous materials. From strong cleaning solutions to large scale industrial units, chemicals that are harmful can be anywhere. Our highly skilled and trained group of professionals at SERVPRO have the knowledge and capability to preform large scale clean up. Hazmat and bio- hazardous situations can be stressful and confusing. Our team has the right tools to access the situation and begin repairs immediately. Having state of the art equipment and continues education helps keeps us prepared and trained for any occurrence that arises. It is important to be aware of your facility and to have prior knowledge of where certain items are located. Knowing these key pieces of information can potentially prevent you from having a bigger problem on your hands. 

We do it all!

11/19/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO logo, Fire, water Restoration SERVPRO logo, Fire, water Restoration

When dealing with the restoration of you're home or business after disaster strikes can be overwhelming. Multiple issues may be present which requires different sets of skills and expertise. Unlike other companies that tackle one portion of a problem and pass the rest to the next company in line, we are able to address it all. From fire damages, water damages, bio hazards and mold infestation we have equipment and knowledge to confront it all. Having the personnel on hand for any situation that may rise saves time and money. The longer your business is being repaired means revenue lost. Having your home under construction from damages may mean you need to find somewhere to stay while repairs are being completed. We understand the urgency and are able to get the job done right.  

The Cost Of Weather

11/12/2019 (Permalink)

Winter Weather Banner Banner displaying Winter weather

With extreme weather of every category taking its toll across the country, there has been a significant increase of property damages. Those affected have seen economic losses that have been increasing with the severity of weather events. When running a business in locations that feel the effects of polar vortexes, cold snaps and heavy snowfalls, the risk of commercial property damages rises. Frozen pipes from freezing temperatures have the potential to burst, causing monetary loss. Heavy snowfalls also contribute to property loss as the weight can be a factor in roof collapse. Power outages are another factor in the extent of potential loss as it can mean no heat would be available to your space. It is important to be prepared for any event and to become familiarized with your insurance policies. SERVPRO is ready day and night to help you get back on your feet. 

But is it covered? : Will your insurance come through?

10/21/2019 (Permalink)

Heavy rainfall batter a home's roof with water over spilling from the rain gutters Heavy rains batter a home. Steam rises from the shingles

Often times when an unexpected storm causes extensive damages to your home or business, there is an uncertainty as to what will be covered by your insurance policy. There is no worse scenario when dealing with a clean up after a natural occurrence to discover the cost may be up to you to pay. It is important that preventative measures are taken in order to save you from having to pay a costly repair bill. Most of the time, if a storm has opened up a hole in your home allowing water to enter, it will be covered, but there are stipulations. If rotted or warped shingles were present before the storm, chances are you will be held responsible for the cost of repairs. It is important to have your home inspected to know where any problem areas are located and dealt with. It can save you time and money in the future. 

Are you prepared for the cleanup?

9/11/2019 (Permalink)

Disastrous weather affects us all. Creating multiple scenarios in which you will be left with a major clean up on your hands. From flood waters to toxic fumes, anything is possible after disaster strikes. It is important to be prepared for your own personal protection to avoid further catastrophe. Always have a first aid kit on hand when going near the disaster zone. Items that have come into contact with flood waters or soot and smoke resulting from a fire are highly dangerous. Take extreme caution to avoid injury. A simple scrape can progress into a serious infection if wounds are not immediately cleaned after contact with contaminated materials. Take frequent breaks and stay hydrated to prevent dehydration or exhaustion. Practice proper lifting techniques and never attempt to lift things that are excessively heavy.  These very simple steps can prevent further complications for you in the future. SERVPRO of Rock County is always available to assist you in any event you may be faced with. 

A Danger in the Night

9/11/2019 (Permalink)

A silent and deadly threat in any home in today's society would be carbon monoxide. An odorless, tasteless and colorless gas that has the potential to take your life as you sleep. Carbon monoxide stems from multiple sources, such as fuel burning appliances, fireplaces, wood burners, water heaters and space warmers. Having at least one carbon monoxide detector in your home can life saving. When installing your detector, place near bedrooms and or on the main floor. Do not place your alarm near windows or open space. Also do not install too closely to any appliance that may trigger a false reading. Be sure to always inspect your CO monitor and ensure it is in working condition. Early symptoms of CO poisoning can be mistaken for the flu, such as nausea and headache which progress quickly. Carbon Monoxide is a silent threat, but with the right tools and preparation, you have nothing to fear