Storm Damage Photo Gallery

A blue tarp covers a portion of the roof of a residential home.

Shingle Shangle

Storm cells can produce an array of threats that can damage your property. Along with rainfall, heavy winds can also be devastating. In this pic we see a portion of roof that has been damaged by a previous storm. The tarp help protect from water intrusion as repairs are being completed.

A large air dryer sits in the middle of a basement floor that has had portions of carpeting removed.

When it Rains..

When windows are not properly insulated, the possibility of sustaining water damages to your property rises. Basements and lower level locations are always at risk. Be sure to routinely check access points in your home for any vulnerabilities. 

Ice Ice, maybe?

Severe weather brings many levels of damage your home or business can experience. Frozen pipes during the winter can cause cracks and ruptures that can affect the entirety of your home. Trust the experts at SERVPRO to help mediate the situation and begin repairs!

Stormy Weather

When a local resident experienced standing water in their basement from recent storm waters, they gave our team a call. We were able to safely extract the excess water and dry out the surrounding area.

You're as Cold as Ice

When ice accumulates on your roof or gutters, it can cause severe damages. Our highly skilled and trained professionals can assess the damages done and create a safe environment to begin repairs. 


When structural damage occurs due to sever weather, you can count on SERVPRO to assess the damages and immediately begin the restoration process. Fallen trees are a common occurrence and can pack quite a wallop to surrounding buildings.