Water Damage Photo Gallery

A water damaged piece of drywall hangs detached from the ceiling above the microwave

Kitchen ceiling issues

A damaged piece of drywall has become so warped, it has begun to fall from the ceiling. Ice dams from previously cold weather had formed causing cracks and unwanted water seepage. 

From Rust till' Dawn

Hazardous conditions can rise slowly and sometimes undetectable. When rust caused a water meter to break in a near by residence it caused a significant amount of standing water in their basement, they gave SERVPRO a call. Immediately our crew of highly trained individuals arrived on the scene and was able to assess the damages. Water has the ability to infiltrate through multiple surfaces such as flooring and drywall. When this happens the potential of mold and other dangerous side effects increases drastically. Always consider calling for professional help when facing these types of situations.

In The Wash

Accidents can happen in the most unexpected places. When a local resident had a flooded washer,  SERVPRO of Rock County was on the case. We were able to start restoration and get the area dried. We wont fail you, but your washer might!

Pump, Dont Fail Me Now..

One of the most damaging and common water damage occurrences can be traced back to sump pump failures. These can be disastrous as they can effect any area of your home including surfaces and flooring. SERVPRO technicians are able to fully assess the extent of damages, as well as sanitize and start the reconstruction process and oversee the job until completion.

Satisfying Extractions

A slow leak can become a huge problem over time! It can go unnoticed if the area affected isn't utilized frequently which brings along with it the risk of warped flooring and the potential of mold spreading. Your friends at SERVPRO have the skills and tools to extract water from the surfaces and walls of your home, diligently and effectively. When extracting water from carpeted areas you can actually see the difference in coloration in perfect lines as pictured. 

From Above

When a local resident experienced an unexpected water emergency from a broken water heater, SERVPRO of Rock County was on the case. They arrived immediately to asses the damages and begin restoration.